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Yukemuri-zaka Slope and Yu-no-taki (Hot spring Falls)

Yukemuri-zaka Slope

Jozankei Station is the last stop of the Jozankei Railway and used to be located at the top of this slope. After getting off the train, visitors from Sapporo walked down this slope to their lodgings for their stay. From here you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Jozankei Onsen. From late April to early May, carp-shaped windsocks are on display along both sides of the slope for the Keiryu Koinobori.

In the past, geishas used to walk down the slope to their ozashiki (parlor-room). It is this sense of history that helps bring the unique atmosphere of a Japanese hot spring town to life.

Yu-no-taki (Hot spring Falls)

As you descend Yukemuri-zaka Slope, you will immediately see steam on your right. Yu-no-taki (Hot spring Falls) is where the hot spring water of Jozankei flows and is a place of relaxation for people. In 2020, the waterfall was renovated using natural stone; the gentle sounds of the water hitting the rocks can be heard. When the sun sets, the falls are illuminated in swaths of light and bringing color to the main street of Jozankei at night.