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Stroll Jozankei

‘Stroll Jozankei’ allows you to scan QR codes with a Smartphone and stroll around Jozankei’s places of interest.
Here you will discover, amid the nature, the allure of Jozankei you never knew existed.

What is Stroll Jozankei?

The Jozankei hot-spring resort is located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, where there are many spots to enjoy the autumn foliage within walking distance. The scenery changes with each of the four seasons, making it a colorful and photogenic spot.

With ‘Stroll Jozankei,’ signs containing QR codes are located at recommended scenic spots. If you scan the QR code with your cellphone, detailed information about each spot will appear. Nearby places of interest at which to stop by are also displayed on a map.

The standard ‘Sightseeing Course,’
the ‘History Course’ on which to learn about the history of the hot spring,
the relaxing ‘Nature Course,’
the ‘Photo Course’ with recommended photogenic locations, and more.

Select a course according to your purpose.
With a Smartphone in one hand, why not enjoy a stroll around Jozankei?

As of February 2022, there are QR signs at all 20 spots.
The plan is to gradually increase the number in the future.

Location of ‘Stroll Jozankei’ signs

  1. Shiraito-no-taki(Waterfall)
  2. Iwato Kannondo
  3. Jozankei Gensen Park
  4. Ontama-no-yu
  5. Futami Tsuribashi suspension bridge
  6. Ikoi-no-hiroba(Square)
  7. Akaiwa -no-kan(Moutain stream)
  8. Jozankei Dam Crest Observatory
  9. Jozankei Dam Downstream Park
  10. Taro-no-yu (Footbath)
  1. Jozankei Shrine
  2. Jozanji Temple Homotsuden (Museum)
  3. Gankake-teyu (Handbath)
  4. Futami Park
  5. Kappabuchi Pool
  6. Kappabuchi Park
  7. Mt. Yuhi’s trailhead
  8. Mt. Asahi’s trailhead
  9. Yukemuri-zaka Slope and Yu-no-taki (Hot spring Falls)
  10. Mikaeri-zaka Slope


You can also check out the model courses on the official website.