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Enjoy the ultimate relaxation surrounded by steam. To the sauna heaven of Jozankei

The saunas at these facilities, including those at long-established ryokans, are well equipped and attract the attention of even the most discerning sauna enthusiasts. There are various ways to enjoy saunas, such as the luxurious water baths that pour water from the headwaters of the Toyohira River, the outdoor sauna in a perfect location overlooking a clear stream and forest, and even a luxurious private sauna in a guest room with its own sauna. There are also outdoor activities such as jumping into a cold river after taking a tent sauna on the riverbank! The Finnish-style sauna, which many facilities have introduced, uses steam to produce perspiration even at low temperatures, so it is less stressful on the body. There is a full lineup of drinks and rental equipment available, so you can easily enjoy a one-day trip with nothing to spare.

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