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The four seasons of Jozankei

The crimson splendor of Jozankei’s deep forests


A tapestry-like ravine
How to enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves in Jozankei

The reason why the autumn leaves in Jozankei are so beautiful and vivid is related to the Toyohira River that flows through the onsen resort area, and the difference in temperatures that only a ravine amid the peaks can provide. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the vividly colored autumn leaves can be enjoyed in every direction – from the footpaths, the guestrooms, the open-air baths and the like. Every year, from the end of September, the ‘Top Five Autumn Foliage Spots’ program begins, with buses shuttling visitors to and from five popular autumn foliage sites in the area. As well as taking the buses to the recommended spots, visitors can also search for hidden scenic spots on foot. Enjoy quality time viewing autumn leaves while walking amid the ravine’s lush forests.

The power and transient beauty of the Kappabuchi Pool

Jozankei Onsen area

The red ‘Futami-tsuribashi Suspension Bridge’
that spans a ravine of autumn leaves

The onsen resort area is dotted with beautifully named bridges that offer views of the ravine and lush state-owned forests; from here, the reflection of the autumn leaves on the surface of the water is quite spectacular. One of these bridges, the bright red Futami-tsuribashi Suspension Bridge along the Futami-Jozan Road, is a popular scenic spot. This is the onsen resort’s symbol. Every year, around October, the spot is wrapped in red and yellow leaves. (*The trail contains lots of soil, sand and steps, so please wear flat-soled sneakers or other comfortable shoes.)

The ‘Futami-Jozan Road’ nature trail amid
the landscapes unique to the national park

For those who wish to enjoy the autumn foliage while taking a leisurely stroll, we recommend the Futami-Jozan Road (between Futami Park, the Futami-tsuribashi Suspension Bridge, Kappabuchi Pool and the Akaiwa-no-kan Stream). This nature trail, along the banks of the Toyohira River, enables visitors to walk amid the forest – which is home to approximately 800 species of wild plants – while listening to the sounds of the stream and wild birds. The rockface and autumn leaves on the large, sheer cliffs that overlook the Futami-iwa rocks and the Kappabuchi Pool, where the legend of the Kappa remains, are a work of art created by nature. This spectacular scenery just makes you want to take photos.

鮮An aerial walk with a spectacular view of vividly colored trees

Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort area

A 1,100-meter-high miracle
Vivid gradation on the mountain slope

The ‘Koyo (autumn leaves) Gondola’ operates for a limited time from late September to mid-October, when the beautiful autumn leaves can be seen. This eight-seater cable car, which operates during the winter ski season, allows visitors to enjoy the views from on the slopes.

A 360° panoramic observation deck is established for a limited period at the summit station, which affords expansive views of the autumn leaves and, on clear days, Ishikari Bay and Otaru Port in the distance. At the summit café, the additive-free, milk-flavored soft-serve ice cream is very popular. At the Center House at the base of the mountain, there are food stalls where visitors can enjoy autumn delicacies, as well as a dog run at the foot of the slopes.

A power spot where beauty and strength coexist

Hoheikyo area

A colorful forest and the release of copious amounts of water
create a place full of energy

The reservoir surrounded by colorful forests, centered around Hoheikyo Dam, is a popular spot from which to view the autumn leaves. In order to preserve the natural environment of the national park, a hybrid electric bus runs from the entrance of the dam to the park, to create a more environmentally friendly area. From here, it is possible to view the magnificent natural scenery of the reservoir, known as Lake Jozan, and the Senjo-iwa rocks, as well as the beautiful arch dam – the finest in Hokkaido. The dam is particularly beautiful in the season of autumn leaves, and has been selected as one of the Forestry Agency’s ‘Top 100 water source forests’ and ‘Top 100 reservoirs.’ Water is discharged every day for the benefit of sightseers.

Autumn is filled with the blessings of the season and the leaves that color the mountains.

Jozankei Farm area

A full-scale fruit park
surrounded by the colored mountains

In autumn, the season of gastronomy and colorful leaves, the Jozankei area bustles with visitors enjoying fruit picking, barbeques and hands-on farming activities. At a fruit farm amid a quiet forest in the Hoheikyo area, activities such as tree trekking and ziplining can be enjoyed and, in the Hakkenzan area, visitors can enjoy fruit picking, barbecues and fishing. In addition to fruit picking, visitors can also learn about the fun and difficulties of farming, and the commitment of farmers, through interaction with people involved in such work. The area is full of fun-filled spots from which to view the autumn leaves while satisfying your appetite.

View Mt. Hakkenzan’s autumn leaves from horseback

Hakkenzan area

Like a scene from a movie
Horseback riding at the foot of Mt. Hakkenzan

From mid-October, the foliage at the foot of Mt. Hakkenzan gradually turns red and yellow, and the sight can be seen from the nearby national highway. At the Wild Mustang’s horse-riding facility, visitors can enjoy Western-style horse-riding at the foot of the mountain. At this time of year, if you ride on a route outside the facility, you may encounter trails covered with colorful carpets of fallen leaves. Horseback riding there can be experienced throughout the four seasons.