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Nature’s art woven in snow amid a silvery virgin forest


Natural beauty, created by the extreme cold
right before your eyes

Become overwhelmed by the beautiful ink-painting-like scenery created by the snow that falls on the trees in the ravine in winter. One of the appeals of this place is being able to enjoy, along with the nature, activities and events that can only be experienced during this time of the year, surrounded by a wintery world of white. Enjoy quality time that can only be experienced in winter, like soaking in an open-air bath while gazing at the snowy landscapes. Enjoy the natural beauty created by the extreme cold, and the aesthetic appeal of such a snowy region.

A top-quality powder spot, even by Hokkaido’s high standards

Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort area

Enjoy top-quality powder snow
at Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort

Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort, a 30-minute drive from Jozankei Onsen, offers expansive slopes and some of the best powder snow in Hokkaido. With seven courses for novice and experienced skiers, and a snow park for sledging and tubing, this ski resort can be enjoyed by families, with peace of mind. At 1,100 meters above sea level, the view from the summit is another of its attractions. There is also an extensive rental service, enabling skiers and snowboarders to turn up without any equipment or special clothing. Be sure to try the famous curry ramen that’s available there.

Spend time around a campfire amid the quiet stillness

Hakkenzan area

Enjoy the charms of winter
camping in the snow

The ‘Hakkenzan Winery Takibi-Camp’ site, which opened in the grounds of the Hakkenzan Winery in autumn 2021, is an all-season campsite that can be enjoyed in winter, too. The campsite, with its magnificent view of Mt. Hakken and the surrounding vineyards, is well equipped, making it suitable for both families and solo campers alike. There is also a restaurant adjacent to the winery, and a market that sells the company’s own wine and locally produced foodstuffs that can be enjoyed while camping.

The best part of snowshoeing is exploring the unbeaten path

Jozankei Onsen area

Be enthralled by the beautiful scenes of snow 
while snowshoeing in Futami Park

Don snowshoes, which even first-timers can easily enjoy, and discover parts of Futami Park that are inaccessible is any other season. The magical scenery of the snow-covered trees that seem to enshroud the Toyohira River is mysteriously beautiful. While walking on the soft, fresh snow, you may get a glimpse of a wild animal. Enjoy the forests of Jozankei from a different perspective than usual. (*For winter snowshoeing, please contact the Jozankei Tourist Information Center.)

Art created by the extreme cold – a magical world of mid-winter

Jozankei Onsen area

‘Yuki Touro’ (Snow Candle Way)
a warm light in people’s hearts

From the end of January to the beginning of February, when the snow is at its deepest, the ‘Yuki Touro’ (Snow Candle Way) event is held. The warm light of the snow candles, which can only be created in extremely cold weather, is an illumination created together with nature. The dignified atmosphere of winter leads to a fantastic and mysterious world. The venue, filled with countless snow candles, is a photogenic spot where each moment cannot be missed, whichever way you look.