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The four seasons of Jozankei


Cherry blossoms swaying in Jozankei’s spring breeze

When the snow melts in May,
spring finally arrives in Jozankei

As the seasons change from winter white to that of soft sunlight, Jozankei welcomes the season of ‘spring foliage.’ Often seen in northern Japan, ‘spring foliage’ is a phenomenon that occurs only in the short springs of northern regions, and it is the precious moment in which autumn-like foliage can be enjoyed. The pale, delicate shades of spring foliage can be enjoyed together with cherry blossoms. What’s more, the ‘Jozankei Onsen Keiryu Koinobori’ (mountain stream carp streamers), a traditional springtime event, heightens the sense of liberation at the end of the long winter.

Cherry blossoms and carp streamers compete for attention, creating a lively springtime in Jozankei

Jozankei Onsen area

‘Keiryu Koinobiri’
a tradition that colors the skies above the Toyohira River

Held since 1987, ‘Jozankei Onsen Keiryu Koinobori’ (mountain stream carp streamers) is an event that heralds the arrival of the warmth of spring. For about a month from mid-April, approximately 400 colorful carp streamers fly in the sky above the ravine in which the hot-spring resort is located. In early May, as the cherry blossoms bloom, the sight of the carp ‘swimming’ in the breezy spring sky is stunning. At night, the streamers are lit up, creating a magical sight. *The viewpoint is from the Tsukimi-bashi Bridge in the center of the onsen resort. 

The contrast between the fresh leaves and the waterfall is alluring

Jozankei Onsen area

A fabricated waterfall that has operated for over 100 years
A ‘certified civil engineering heritage’

Nestled amid a lush, luxuriant forest, Shiraito-no-taki Falls is a small waterfall fed by the backwater from the Jozankei Power Station, the oldest hydroelectric power station operating in Hokkaido. It looks as delicate as a white thread, but its power can be sensed particularly in spring, when there is abundant snowmelt. As the surrounding trees sprout fresh leaves, and dynamic waterfall increases the sense of greenery, creating a popular spot for therapeutic ‘forest bathing’ amid the negative ions.

A full-scale garden andseasonally colored orchard

Jozankei Onsen area

Beautiful, liberating gardens
where budding flowers bring color

Jozankei Farm is a 21-hectare expanse of land where fruit trees and flowers share the stage to create a beautiful, vivid landscape in which the seasonal changes can be enjoyed. When spring arrives in Hokkaido, the flowers begin to bloom gradually, and the relay of seasonal buds create a fantastic landscape. As well as the garden, seasonal fruit picking and activities such as a zipline and tree-trekking can also be experienced, making it a spot that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

With approximately 800 trees, it’s one of the largest cherry blossom sites in Sapporo

Koganeyu area

Koganeyu area
turns pink in spring

Koganeyu Sakura no Mori (cherry blossom forest) was established in 2016 as a new cherry blossom viewing spot in Sapporo. Approximately 800 cherry blossom trees comprising 11 different species have been planted in the 12-hectare park, which is popular among locals, many of whom visit every year to see how the trees have grown since they were first planted. Visitors can enjoy the different types of cherry blossom trees over a period of about one month from late April, amid the scenery surrounded by mountains. There is also a picnic area so, when the weather is fine, why not bring a packed lunch?