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Enjoy an adventure amid the deep green wilds of Jozankei


Summer, when the national park can be enjoyed in full
Summer, when the national park can be enjoyed in full

The Jozankei area is located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, surrounded by deep virgin forests and mountains, and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. In summer, various activities can be enjoyed that take advantage of this natural environment. Try mountain trekking in early summer, according to your level of ability; or navigate the stream that flows through the hot-spring resort on a canoe, raft or SUP (Stand up Paddleboard). Adults and children alike can enjoy fruit picking, horseback riding and camping in the Hakkenzan and Hoheikyo areas.

In addition, the ‘Jozankei Nature Luminarie,’ an event for overnight guests in Jozankei, is held from early summer to autumn, when the area between Futami Park and the Futami-tsuribashi Suspension Bridge is illuminated by a beautiful lighting performance.

Relax amid nature, breathe-in the fresh air, and soothe away your fatigue in the hot springs. Refresh yourself at this invigorating spot.

A walk in the forest to cleanse both mind and body

Jozankei Onsen area

A nature trail surrounded
by birdsong and the sound of a stream

The Futami-Jozan Raod, a footpath along the banks of the Toyohira River, offers a place to stroll amid an abundant forest, where approximately 200 species of wildflowers grow – including the Ezo-no-hanashinobu (Polemonium caeruleum), a flower representative of Jozankei – (peak viewing time is around June to July). It is also home to the Scolitantides orion, a rare species of butterfly, and the long-tailed tit. The footpath also passes by the Kappabuchi Pool, a mysterious place where the legend of the Kappa still remains. (*The trail contains lots of soil, sand and steps, so please wear flat-soled sneakers or other comfortable shoes.)

Summer scenery that sparkles in a mysterious shade of blue

Jozankei Onsen area

View beautiful scenery from the surface of the river
while canoe touring for approximately 1 km amid the deep green forest

The Toyohira River canoe course offers breathtaking views amid the deep green of summer as well as the autumn foliage. The starting point is about a 10-minute walk from the Jozankei onsen resort, and the course is a one-km or so round trip. Ride a stable Canadian canoe, slowly making your way through the ravine, sensing the sounds of nature in places that are normally inaccessible. The average depth of the river is about one meter, and the water is so clear and current so gentle, you can see the riverbed. The guide gives a lecture, so even first-timers can participate with peace of mind. (Reservations required)

Created together with nature – the magic that appears in Jozankei

Jozankei Onsen area

A lighting performance in which
nature and light blend together

‘Jozankei Nature Luminarie’ is a lighting performance that expresses water, vegetation and flowers by means of light, in the area from Futami Park to the Futami-tsuribashi Suspension Bridge. Produced by the creator group NAKED, it began in 2016 and has become one of Jozankei Onsen’s most famous events.

Trees and rock surfaces along the footpath are beautifully illuminated, and the Futami-tsuribashi Suspension Bridge is wrapped in images of the flowing river and blooming flowers.

It’s a beautiful place to take a walk not only at nighttime, but also at dusk. The event is aimed at overnight guests in Jozankei, and is perfect for an after-dinner stroll.

A 10-kilometer mountain trail with fantastic views of the forest

Hoheikyo area

Aim for the summit, venture into the great outdoors
and enjoy an adventure in Jozankei

Located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Jozankei has access to many mountains and is a popular area for hikers. There is a wide variety of peaks, ranging from 500 to over 1,000 meters in elevation. One of the most popular is Mt. Sapporo, located at the upper reaches of the Toyohira River, which flows through Sapporo. At a height of 1,293 meters, it is one of the higher peaks in Jozankei. It can be climbed via the Reisui Course, which is suitable for beginners, or the Toyotaki Course for experienced climbers. There is also a traverse route connecting Mt. Soranuma, enabling it to be enjoyed by a wide range of hikers. Approximately 10 minutes from the trailhead is Typhoon Plateau, where the coniferous forest was devastated, but now pines have been planted, creating a magical landscape.

The summit affords views of Mt. Yotei, Mt. Muine, Mt. Jozankei Tengu and the like.

Hakkenzan Terroir born of a unique environment

Hakkenzan area

Distinctive local wines produced
at the foot of the splendid Mt. Hakkenzan