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Four Seasons in Jozankei

Go on a wilderness adventure in Jozankei, glistening in deep green


Summer to Enjoy the National Park
Magnificent Nature and the Attraction of Jozankei

Jozankei area is located in Shikotsu-Toya National Park, which is surrounded by deep virgin forests and mountains and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Taking advantage of this great nature, a variety of activities can be enjoyed in summer. Mountain climbing in early summer that can be enjoyed according to your level, canoeing, rafting, and sap in the mountain stream that runs through the hot spring resort area. In the Hakkenzan and Toyohirakyo areas, both adults and children can fully enjoy fruit picking, horseback riding, and outdoor camping.
In addition, the "Jozankei Nature Luminaries," an event for overnight guests, decorates the area between Futami Park and Futami Suspension Bridge with beautiful lighting performances from early summer to autumn.
Play in the beautiful nature, breathe in the fresh air, and refresh your body after a long day at the hot springs in this refreshing and cool spot.

A walk in the forest that will cleanse your mind and body

Jozankei Onsen Area

Birdsong and the sound of the river echoes
Nature trails

Futami Jozan-no-michi," a walking path along the Toyohira River, is a spot where visitors can casually stroll through the forest. This is a rich forest where about 200 kinds of wildflowers grow wild depending on the season, including the Ezo-no-hanashinobu, a flower that represents Jozankei (around June to July), and rare and precious species such as the "Jozan shijimi" and the "shimaenaga". Kappa Fuchi, located on the nature trail, is a mysterious place where the legend of the kappa still remains.
(*There are many dirt, sand, and steps along the nature trail, so please wear comfortable shoes with flat soles, such as sneakers.)

Spectacular summer scenery shining in mysterious blue

Jozankei Onsen Area

Beautiful scenery can be seen from the river surface. 1km
Canoe touring in the deep green

The Jozankei Toyohira River Canoe Course offers breathtaking views of the deep green of summer and the autumn colors of fall. The course starts from Jozankei Onsen Hot Spring Resort, a 10-minute walk and a 1-kilometer round trip.
Boarding a stable Canadian canoe, you will slowly make your way through the canyon, feeling the sounds of nature and the air in places where you would normally not be able to set foot. The average depth of the river is about 1 meter, and the beautiful river is so clear that you can see the bottom, and the current is gentle. The guide will give you a lecture, so even first-timers can join the tour. (Reservations required)

Illusions appearing in Jozankei, co-creation with nature

Jozankei Onsen Area

Nature and light blend together
Lighting Performance

JOZANKEI NATURE LUMINARIE" is a lighting performance that expresses water, grass, and flowers with light in the area from Futami Park to Futami Suspension Bridge. The walking paths are made of trees, rocks, and rocks.
Trees and rocks along the walking path are decorated with beautiful illuminations, and the Futami Suspension Bridge is enveloped in a fantastic image of flowing river and blooming flowers.
Not only is the walk beautiful at night when it is pitch dark, but also at dusk when the sky turns purple. This event is for overnight guests, so a stroll after dinner is also recommended.

About 10 km of mountain road with fantastic scenery of forest

Toyohirakyo Area

Aim for the summit and challenge the magnificent nature
Let's have an adventure in Jozankei!

Jozankei, located within the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, has many mountains and is a popular area for mountain climbers. There is a wide variety of mountains ranging in elevation from 500 meters to over 1,000 meters above sea level. Among them, Mt. Sapporo, located upstream from the Toyohira River that flows through Sapporo City, is a large mountain in Jozankei with an elevation of 1,293 meters. It is a popular mountain for a wide range of climbers as there are two courses: the cold water course for beginners and the steep Toyotaki course for advanced climbers, which also allows a traverse with Mt. Also, about 10 minutes from the trailhead is the Typhoon Plateau, where coniferous forests were once devastated, and now pine trees have been planted to create a fantastic landscape.
From the top, Mt. Yotei, Mt. Muyone, Mt. Jozankei Tengu, and mountains around Sapporo can be seen.

Hakkenzan terroir born from the unique climate

Hakkenzan Area

At the foot of scenic Hakkenzan,
we produce unique local wines.

The brewery produces unique "local wines" from grapes and apples grown on its own farm and in local orchards.
The winery also sells jams and juices made with locally grown ingredients and produced in-house, and has a "Hakkenzan Gallery" inside the brewery building, where the works of two Minami Ward artists, Kawaguchi Eitaka (ceramics) and Yuki Koji (prints and woodcarvings) are on permanent display.
Adjacent to the winery building is the Hakkenzan Kitchen & Marche, a restaurant where visitors can enjoy meals using local ingredients and shop for the company's wines, processed goods, and agricultural products.
The Hakkenzan Winery and Campfire Campsite (each site is accessible by car) are located on the premises, where visitors can also enjoy winter camping.