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Mikaeri-zaka Slope

The slope leading down from Route 230 to Yunomachi is called Mikaeri-zaka Slope (“the hill of looking back”). It got its name because people would have so much fun and make some of their best memories when visiting Jozankei Onsen that they would naturally look back at the town as they climbed up this slope.

This slope is a picturesque spot at any time of year. In spring, small carp-shaped windsocks known as Keiryu Koinobori are displayed along both sides of the slope, catching the eye of passersby, while the summer welcomes hydrangeas that bloom along the slope. During the brief fall season, the crisp and colorful autumn leaves are a beautiful sight, and when winter comes around, the trees are covered in snow for a stunning white scenery.

In 1973, the first road heating system using hot spring water was achieved here.This road heating system for Mikaeri-zaka Slope directly uses hot spring water from Jozankei which flows at a temperature of nearly 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit) and even today, this system is used to melt snow and keep the roads safe and accessible.