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Leave your footprints in the quiet snowfields and have a special winter adventure with snowshoes.

Snowshoes are versatile tools that do not sink even on soft snow due to their large ground contact area, allowing you to casually walk around in the snowfield. A recommended course is the Futami Teizan-no Michi, a well-known walking path along the Toyohira River. Visitors can enjoy natural snow slopes such as “snow mash,” a hemispherical pile of stones along the riverside, see the tracks of deer, foxes, and other wild animals, do butt-sliding, and dive into the soft snow. Guided snowshoeing experiences include special experiences such as courses recommended for the season and original tea time. Let’s go snowshoeing through the stillness of the snowfield to find your own winter scenery that you can only reach by snowshoe.

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