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The history of Jozankei Onsen

1866 –
A healing spring from the 19th century
Final stages of the Edo period – final stages of the Taisho period (circa 1866 – circa 1926)

In the final stages of the Edo period,
approximately 150 years ago,
an ascetic monk, Miizumi Jozan, guided by the Ainu,
encountered the source of the hot spring.

Early stages of the Showa period (circa 1930)

After enduring the harsh natural environment
and overcoming many difficulties,
Jozan laid the foundations for the hot spring.
He then named this place ‘Jozankei.’

Mid-Showa period (circa 1960)

As time passed,
it became one of
Hokkaido’s most famous hot-spring resorts.
Thanks to the scalding hot water
that gushes from its springs,
Jozankei Onsen continues to
gently heal – both the minds and bodies –
of those who bathe there.

And today

Thank you for your continued patronage.
To enable visitors to enjoy Jozankei even more,
a variety of special campaigns and commemorative events have been
planned for day trippers and overnight guests alike.
As it has done in the past, Jozankei continues to look
forward to offering you a warm welcome.

PHOTO HISTORYHow Jozankei Onsen became what it is today.

Over the past 100 years or so, since the opening of the Jozankei-Shiroishi railroad in 1918, the face of Jozankei has changed dramatically. The number of users plummeted immediately after the war. The hot-spring resort then developed along with Sapporo’s rapid post-war growth. In this section, we look back at the history of Jozankei and its streetscapes, through photographs.