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Introducing scenic spots
Futami Park

At Futami Park is the Kappa Daio statue, the symbol of Jozankei Onsen. On summer nights, the area between the park and the Futami-Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge is lit up for the JOZANKEI NATURE LUMINARIE event. It is also the starting point of the nature trail Futami Jozan Road, and two rock peaks known as Futami Iwa, at Kappabuchi Pool, can be seen from the suspension bridge.

Hometown Memories

Futami Park is said to have been named by Isezo Sato, who took over the management of the therapeutic baths from Jozankei Onsen’s founder, Miizumi Jozan, in 1880. Isezo Sato named the area Futami Park because the scenery resembled his hometown, Futami-ga-ura, in Ise Province, and called the two rocks Meoto Iwa (Wedded Rocks) to remember his hometown and prayed for the development of Jozankei Onsen.

Magical Falls

Although hardly known, there is a hidden waterfall in Futami Park. The water flows down in thin streams of water, resembling white threads of silk; even after rainfall, the water remains surprisingly clear. The light shining through the trees hit the splashing waters, sparkles beautifully, and flows like threads. This beautiful, hidden waterfall is an important symbol, indispensable to Futami Park.
This is where the Ezoharu cicadas first start buzzing in May, followed by the Min-min cicada, which buzzes from summer to autumn. You will be surrounded by the rippling waterfalls and the sound of buzzing cicadas. Immerse yourself in all the otherworldly beauty that Futami Park has to offer.

Jozankei and Min-min Cicadas

On March 26, 2010, the morning edition of Hokkaido Shimbun published the headline “Min-min cicadas in Jozankei.” A survey conducted by the city of Sapporo officially confirmed for the first time that Min-min cicadas, which prefer warm climates from Kyushu to southern Hokkaido, were also found in Jozankei. During the survey, three cicada shells were found in Futami Park.


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