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Jozankei Onsen Yukitouro 2024 (Snow candle way)

An installation event where 1000 snow candles made of snow light up.

During the coldest and snowiest season of the year, Jozankei Shrine offers a magical space illuminated by 1,000 snow candles.
In addition to snow candles, there is also a fantastical “Prayer Forest” where the snow forest and nature are fused with light and images.
Experience the worldview of Jozankei Nature Luminarie, which has the theme of natural illumination even in winter.

★Shuttle buses will also be running around the hot spring town during the event period. Please use all means.

Opening event

A collaboration between Yukitouji and Gagaku.
Traditional Japanese entertainers will perform Nosori, a piece of bugaku that depicts a dragon happily playing surrounded by snow lanterns.
・Performance date: 1/27 (Sat)
・Performance time: ① 18:30 ② 20:00 / 15 minutes each
It may change depending on weather etc.


Event date
Open time
18:00~21:00 *Admission starts from 17:20. The lights will be turned on from 5:40 p.m. If you would like to help light the fire, please join us.
Jozankei shrine
A donation of 500 yen per person (*16 years old or older) will be collected at the venue entrance.
★Free for guests staying in the Jozankei area. Please obtain an invitation ticket from the facility where you are staying and bring it to the venue.
★Cash only.
Contact information
TEL/011-598-2012 (Jozankei Tourism Association)
★Please hold your pet when entering.
★At 17:00, all customers are asked to leave the shrine.
★Admission will begin at the entrance of the Yukitouro venue from 17:20.