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Horseback riding(winter)

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Dream horseback riding experience in western style

Wild Mustangs” is a facility where visitors can enjoy western-style horseback riding. We recommend the “Wild Ride,” in which you steer your own horse out of the stable. Lessons start with the basics of horseback riding, so even beginners can feel comfortable. After practicing “walking,” “stopping,” and “turning” in the first half of the lesson, you will head out to the course outside the stables. From the high vantage point of a horse’s back, visitors can enjoy the great outdoors as they tour the course through the surrounding orchards and corn fields. The course is open year-round, so visitors can enjoy a fascinating experience in any season: spring with its dazzling new buds, summer with its deep green foliage, autumn with its carpet of autumn leaves, and winter with its quiet, white blanket of snow. Enjoy the sensation of tripping into a scene from a western movie!

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