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Introducing scenic spots
Kappabuchi Koen (Kappabuchi Park)

This park is located halfway between the Futami-tsuribashi Suspension bridge and the Ikoi-no Hiroba Square on the Futami Jozan Road nature trail. The gentle rapids of the Toyohira River flow beneath the cliffs on the left bank of the Kappabuchi Pool. The abundance of tree species and the wide variety of undergrowth makes it an excellent place for outdoor learning and a popular place for observing wildflowers.

Spectacular columnar joints
The large cliffs are outcroppings of Quartz Porphyry (a type of igneous rock) with plate-like joints that form a scenic spot constantly cleansed by the clear waters of the Toyohira River. Countless different wildflowers bloom one after the other, including Shiraneaoi (Glaucidium palmatum Siebold et Zucc.) – popularly known as “bathing beauty” – Katakuri (Erythronium japonicum Decne.), Hitorishizuka (Chloranthus quadrifolius), and Enreiso (Trillium smallii).

Perfect for forest exploration
In the winter, Kappabuchi Park becomes a calm and quiet snowy landscape, but is a great place for snowshoeing and bird watching. The park is also gaining recognition as a national park where visitors can enjoy the splendor of Jozankei’s natural scenery. The water and the forest combine into one, with birds chirping, fish swimming, animals frolicking, and wildflowers rustling in the river breeze – a soothing and fun playground for children as well as adults. With the kind of things children enjoy in the outdoors: pebbles, river water, butterflies, cicadas, stag beetles, and flowers; they are sure to have their curious and playful minds satisfied.

*Wildflowers in the vicinity of Kappabuchi Park
Miyamaenreiso (Trillium tschonoskii), Ootachitsubosumire (Viola kusanoana), Fuderindo (Gentiana zollingeri), Kokinbai (Geum ternatum), Nirinso (Anemone flaccida), Maizuruso (Maianthemum dilatatum), Odorikoso (Lamium album var. barbatum), Kurumabaso (Galium odoratum), Tsukubaneso (Paris tetraphylla A. Gray), Kurumabatsukubaneso (Paris verticillata), Kurumayuri (Lilium medeoloides A. Gray), Okuezosaishin (Asarum heterotropoides), Kinmizuhiki (Agrimonia pilosa var. japonica), Mizuhiki (Persicaria filiformis), Ezonokongiku (Aster ageratoides subsp. ovatus var. yezoensi), Akinokirinso (Solidago virgaurea var. asiatica)


Jozankei Onsen Minami-ku Sapporo


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