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Introducing scenic spots
Shigurebashi bridge and Shiraigawa river

Shigure Bridge spans a deep valley of the Shirai River as it flows down towards Jozankei Dam Karyuenchi Park. Immediately downstream from the bridge, the two rivers, Otarunai and Shirai, join together. The colors of the mountain stream seen from Shigure Bridge change constantly depending on the season, with the waters taking on a range of different hues.

When seen from a snowy Shigure Bridge, the Shirai River is clear and still. It is a beautiful sight, with the water taking on an almost leaden color. In early spring, when the snow begins to thaw and the river rises, sunlight reaches the bottom of the valley and plays on the brisky flowing white stream. When the trees bud and gorgeous fresh greenery appears, the waters turn a whitish blue with a mysterious tinge of green. In summer, the leaves on the trees, such as mizunara (quercus crispula) and itayakaede (acer mono), which hug the cliffs on both sides of the river, turn thick and dark. The valley becomes darker and the river turns pale gray. As the name of the bridge suggests, the colors of the leaves in autumn, sprayed by the rain, are stunning and so atmospheric. You might not think much of the color of the water, but the beautiful vista from Shigure Bridge, basking in the rays of the setting sun and reflecting its golden glow, will stir your heart even if you’re not a photographer! In late autumn, the view of bands of fallen leaves floating and drifting slowly down the river is truly magnificent.


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