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Introducing scenic spots
Mt. Yuhi

Mt. Yuhi is a 594m-high mountain located to the east of Jozankei Onsen, and makes a good pair with Mt. Asahi to the west. It is said that around 1910 (the end of the Meiji era), Tashiro Heihachi, an employee of the imperial estate, named the mountain “Yuhi-dake (sunset mountain)” because it was the last mountain to be tainted by the setting sun when seen from Jozankei Onsen.

Starting hiking from Jozankei Shrine
Mt. Yuhi is at its brightest and most spectacular from May to June. From the area around Jozankei Shrine – the trailhead – the sweet scent of Ezoengosaku (Corydalis ambigua) wafts through the air, while Kitakobushi (Magnolia kobus var. borealis Sargent) blooms and awaits visitors to the trail. The slopes are dyed pink by the Katakuri (Erythronium japonicum Decne.), white by the Himeichige (Anemone debilis), Nirinso (Anemone flaccida) and Miyamaenreiso (Trillium tschonoskii), yellow by the Kibananoamana (Gagea lutea) and Naniwazu (Daphne jezoensis). Moreover, the trails leading up the mountain are adorned with Shiraneaoi (Glaucidium palmatum Siebold et Zucc.), also known as “bathing beauty,” and Jozanenreiso (Trillium tschonoskii f. violaceum).

Encounters with Wildlife
With the chirping of the Ezoharu cicadas, whose mating call sounds like the overture to summer, Mt. Yuhi witnesses the change of the season while life shines brightly. The sounds of small birds such as the blue-and-white flycatcher, Narcissus flycatcher, and Japanese bush warbler can be heard, whereas colorful butterflies such as the Peacock butterfly and Mourning cloak that have overwintered as adults dance around. Additionally, Ezo squirrels, Ezo flying squirrels, Yezo raccoon dogs, and Ezo shika deers sometimes come out to play as well.

From the Lookout Point
Walk along a somewhat otherworldly ridge that feels just like something out of heaven, you will soon reach the lookout point, and an eye-opening view. (*Overgrown trees may hinder your view depending on the season.) You can see Jozankei Onsen below you like a Japanese zen garden, with breathtaking views of Mt. Muine, Mt. Yoichi, Mt. Asari, and Mt. Shirai, blanketed in snow in the distance. The majestic Mt. Jozankei Tengu comes into sight as well, tainted white by the remaining snow that resembles two drops of tears rolling down its face. If you turn around, you can even catch the three peaks of Mt. Kamui, Mt. Eboshi, and Mt. Hyakumatsuzawa. Even if you don’t climb to the top, you are sure to be satisfied with the charms of Mt. Yuhi.


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