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Learn about Jozankei Onsen as it is ‘right now’.

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
Notice of change of bus stop to Jozankei (from 10/1)

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal (former ESTA) will be temporarily closed due to a district redevelopment project.
(*Scheduled to be closed until 2028)

Due to this, please note that from October 1, 2023, the bus stop for Jozankei and the bus stop will change.

■ Direct bus “Kappa Liner” platform
→Platform 27 in front of Hokuren Building

■ Route bus stop
→Platform 26 in front of Hokuren Building

Both are right next to Exit 23 of the subway.
Until 9/30, please use the “Jozankei bound” from Sapporo Station Bus Terminal No. 12 as usual.
Click here for directions to Jozankei.

We will update the English version as soon as possible.