Wild Mustang’s

ワイルドムスタングス (1)
ワイルドムスタングス (2)
ワイルドムスタングス (3)
ワイルドムスタングス (4)

Experience horseback riding at the foot of the Mt. Hakkenzan!
Welcome to the world of Western films! We federal marshals of Mustang Town will teach you from the basics of horseback riding. Suitable for beginners.
If you master how to pull the reins, go out for a patrol with Mt. Hakkenzan in the back!!
Lead reign ride A course ¥800, B course ¥1,400. Discount ticket books and membership are also available.

  • Address:Sapporo, Hokkaido, Minami-ku Toyama114
  • Phone:011-596-5040
  • Business hours:Close: Mon
  • Fee:800yen~ 10000yen
  • URL:http://wildmustangs.jp/
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