Izakaya Kita no Kappa

北のかっぱ (8)
北のかっぱ (4)
北のかっぱ (12)
北のかっぱ (5)

※Temporarily closed from 2020/4/18 to ​​5/ 31

Izakaya tavern with a large collection of local sake across Japan, along with Imo (sweet potatoes) shochu and Kokuto (brown cane sugar) shochu directly from Kagoshima.
Enjoy their extensive food menu offering a wide variety of dishes such as fresh sashimi, sushi, rice bowl dishes, grills, fried dishes and others!
All-you-can-drink offer is available as well.

  • Address:Sapporo, Hokkaido , Minami-ku Jozankei Onsenhigashi 4-chome
  • Phone:011-598-5151
  • Business hours:19:00~02:00
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