Kokoro no Sato Jozan footbath & lounge

Relax in nature at the oasis of mind
We don’t set any time limit, so enjoy yourself here as long as you wish. Sweets and drinks are also at your disposal.
Spend “Jozankei time” at our footbath with private feel and healing lounge whenever you want, without any stress or worry.


  • Address:Sapporo, Hokkaido , Minami-ku Jozankei Onsennishi 4-chome372-1
  • Phone:011-598-5888
  • Business hours:Open365days(10:00~18:00)
  • Fee:1500yen * Below a schoolchild cannot be used.
  •  ※ It is free to explore the forest on-site, so please feel free to stroll around at any time.
    ※ We regret to say that elementary school children or under are not allowed.
    ※ Please park your car at the second parking of "Nukumori no Sato Furukawa" (free)
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