Jozankei Onion Soup


Jozankei Onion Soup made from rare ‘Sapporo-Ki’ onions

Sapporo-Ki onions are extremely difficult to cultivate and as such only a small amount are ever produced, making them a very rare variety of onion.
It is small but has thick layers and a light texture, and has a sweet and juicy flavor. It is not widely known but it is strongly appreciated by chefs who know of it.
This instant soup, blended with Shiretoko chicken broth, has a combination of both Japanese and Western seasoning for a rich taste.

  • Phone:011-598-2012 Jozankei Tourism Association
  • Price:1 box ¥410 (tax included)
  • Content:4 bags
  • Purchase:Sold at the Jozankei Tourism Association, and various ryokan and Sankus stores in Jozankei!