Jozankei Dam (+ Museum + Downstream Park + Viewing Platform)

This is a great spot for picnics.

Eat lunch in the open air surrounded by mountains!
If you climb to the top of the dam, you will be able to look over onto Lake Sapporo.
This is a little-known great spot for seeing the autumn leaves.
There is also an entrance for the Mt. Kotengu hiking trail here.

Jozankei Dam Museum

Displayed here are diorama models of the dam’s construction, and panels and models showing the natural environment surrounding the dam. The waterworks and electricity generation systems are easily explained through videos and interactive exhibits, and you can try using a manual energy generator to understand the quantity of energy that is produced.


  • Address:061-2302 Sapporo, Hokkaido , Minami-ku Jozankei8
  • Phone:011-598-2513 Jozankei Dam museum
  • Business hours:From the middle of May to the end of October(9:00~16:00)
  • Fee:FREE
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