• 2019/6/1~10/20
  • 19:00~21:00(9/1~10/20 18:00~21:00)
  • hutami park ~ hutami bridge

이벤트의 자세한 내용

We hold a lighting up party in honor of the 150th anniversary of  Jozankei Onsen Opening.

It is held by a energetic creative group, “NAKED”, and do sensitive beautiful lighting up using beautiful nature of Jozankei.
『Jozankei Nature Luminarie  STAR BRIGHT FOREST by NAKED』

It is “Jozankei Nature Luminarie.” It is held by NAKED.
We lights-up along walking path from Futami Park to Futami Bridge.
We welcome you and you can enjoy Jozankeis’ nights and relax wearing kimono.

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