Yukizanmai 2018~ Jozankei Mountain Party~


  • 2018 Jan. (undecided)
  • 10:00~16:00
  • Hakkenzan kajuen
  • free entrance
  • Inquiry:
    011-598-2012 (Jozankei Tourism Association)


How to enjoy Jozankei Mountain Party (JMP).

First, buy JMP-coins! You must pay the fee by JMP-coins if you enjoy a charged activity.
Coins are ¥300 per one, but you can buy 12 coins-set with a discount coupon for One-Day-Onsen in Jozankei for ¥2500.

Fee: Dogsled, Horse-riding, BBQ: 5coins. Snowrafting: 2coins.

Non-charged Activities in Kids-park: Tubesliding, Kids-zoo, Kids-icerink, Kids-snowfield
We provide hot foods and drinks, especially JMP specialite, Mt. Hakkenzan Gulasch (made of Toyotaki Pork and Hakkenzan Wine). You can buy them for cash.

We can provide only 30 dishes of Mt. Hakkenzan Gulasch a day.

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