定山渓 ラフティング ツアー
定山渓 ラフティング ツアー
定山渓 ラフティング ツアー
定山渓 ラフティング ツアー

Experience rafting in Jozankei! Go on an adventure!!
Hello everyone, I just started a business in outdoor activities. Why here? Because I was born and grown up here, and have realized how attractive and full of possibility my town is.
Sapporo is the city with 1.8 million people, and you can enjoy throughout the year. Also it is the place where rare conditions of nature can be seen in the world.
In the winter, you can experience wordless sensation with mountains covered by fine powder snow. In the spring, the snow starts to melt and flow into the river, creating rapid stream. The water is very cold, and thus, gives us deeply fulfilling moment. Then, the water reaches to the sea. In the summer, the water turns to a clear stream, and you can have a glimpse of wildlife in the valley.

It’s such a fortunate that you can also reach the sea in only 40 minutes by car. Autumn leaves are so beautiful and intense that bring us powerful emotion when you see with your own eyes.
I would like to take you to the right place at the right time, as the seasons change, because I believe that the essence of nature is right there.

· Rafting Tour
Tour on water in the quiet valley where you can experience the beauty of the valley. Available for 2-year-old and up and no maximum age limit – we want to support a challenge of the elderly. We are happy to help you, so please feel free to contact us.
Adult: ¥5,000
Junior high and high school students: ¥4,000
Elementary school students: ¥3,000
Preschoolers accompanied by adult: free
Time: 9:00, 13:00
※Rental fee and insurance are included in the rates. Please contact us if you also want to rent sports shoes or sandals.

· Green Tour
It takes about one hour one way. View from around the summit is highly recommended. 300-year-old trees will welcome you, and you have some chances to encounter with wild animals. We will also walk along the valley, where is the habitat of about 150 different species of birds.

Rates: mountain climbing ¥5,000, walking ¥3,000
Time: 9:00, 13:00
· Night Exploring Tour
Go out to explore forests at night. What kind of insects we can see or watch, for our memories of summer vacation? The popular one is stag beetles, but you may find beetles on occasions though beetles are not original inhabitants in Hokkaido. You can see the stars clearly if there is no cloud. The tour is planned for children.
Rates: children ¥3,000, adults ¥1,500
Time: 19:30 – 21:00
※ children must be accompanied by the guardians.
· River accident prevention training and safety awareness activities: Free
The number of river accidents has been increasing in recent years, but accidents can be prevented by learning more about rivers. We cover a wide range of situations from leisure to rescue actions. We offer these trainings for free, to prevent these devastating accidents. The programs are expected to be about 2 to 3 hours in length. The topics include: torrent water rescue training; important issues about river activities; and how to use a life jacket or ropes. Please contact us for details.
· Tailor made tours are also available!
Examples: Niseko day trip, morning tour for water rafting, afternoon tours for good lunch or dessert, beautiful views, or camping etc… We will discuss with you about what and when you want to do in advance, and try to accommodate your needs as much as possible – so please feel free to consult us. Reservation is needed. Rates vary depending on the contents, but we can customize a tour within your budget.

  • Address:Sapporo, Hokkaido, Minami-ku Toyama126
  • Phone:080-1895-5872
  • Fee:Adult:1500~5000 Depending on the tour Child:3000~5000 Depending on the tour
  • URL:
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